Toyota RAV4 “Wildest Ride”


Take a wild ride with social influencer Darius Benson and his brother Cam in the adventurous 2017 Toyota RAV4.

For this influencer-driven digital campaign created for Toyota and 22squared, we rode along with social media stars (and brothers) Cameron and Darius Benson through a 250-acre park filled with over 500 wild animals including giraffes, zebras, water buffalo, and ostriches. We covered the action from every angle – 4 GoPros, a 360º camera inside the car, a camera car following behind, and a drone capturing aerial shots from above – getting viewers up close and personal with our duo’s experience and all the great features of the RAV4 that make it “safari-certified.”

After assembling the best moments from the shoot and developing custom title graphics and lower thirds, we delivered a long form version with cut-downs for additional digital and social outlets. As added value, we also used our 360° camera to create extra content for Facebook and YouTube allowing viewers an interactive look around the car to feel as if they’re along for the ride, too.

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