ID “Southern Fried Homicide” Promo

When asked to create the launch promos for a series with the tagline “murder with manners,” it’s rude not to accept the invitation.

Investigation Discovery wanted to elevate their campaign for Southern Fried Homicide: Season 3, returning to us for an idea we developed for them when the show first aired several years ago. We were happy to bring to life this ominous misdirect to ultimately reveal something sinister from our perfectly imperfect Southern host. Part of this execution meant building a custom 15-gallon glass tank to get an underwater point-of-view shot, turning into one of our favorite compositions and starting the spot off with just the right tone. We’ll always go the extra mile for our clients (even if we have to get a little wet).

Fun Trivia: Our antebellum manor location inspired Ashley’s “Twelve Oaks” in Gone With the Wind, providing us with plenty of charm… but we still had to dress out an elegant walk-in closet (since those weren’t around in 1836).

Creative Development