“People of Earth” + TBS

We created a new content marketing franchise for Turner that works for any brand, celebrity, or series.

We partnered with the Brand Creative team at TBS and Hazy Mills for a viral marketing concept featuring world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson that drove viewers to the Season 2 premiere of hit show PEOPLE OF EARTH during “Alien-Ish Week” on TBS. Our creative approach allowed us to produce a unique series of digital and on-air spots to drive viewership for the premiere while sticking within Neil’s 2 hour shoot window in New York.

We had Neil mull over topics covering the gamut of alien and sci-fi tropes while enjoying a meal in a diner to give fans at home entertaining but accurate takeaways. To help bring Neil’s thoughts to life visually for the digital audience, we tracked custom animation in the style of the TBS brand around Neil to illustrate his tangents, along with a custom title treatment to establish the franchise. The strategy resulted in a campaign that can be sold and reused infinitely, either with new VO from Neil, or with new celebrity talent in the future to extend the series.

Creative Development