BARK BARK Fosters Prosocial Partnership with NCCHR &

We built a technology partnership with The National Center for Civil and Human Rights and to empower visitors to take action through an interactive installation.

We have continued our support of The NCCHR in their endeavors to educate and inspire people about relevant civil and human rights issues in the world by forging a partnership with, allowing visitors at the Center to identify a cause that’s important to them and sign a petition to have their voices heard.

After administering an experience survey, we uncovered that inspired visitors were seeking a tangible way to make an impact before leaving the museum. And, The Center was missing an opportunity to connect with museum-goers, capture their interests and build longer-term relationships. We built this activation platform from the ground up, initiating and executing the entire partnership with, giving NCCHR the ability to start their own petitions as well as support existing movements that align with their objectives.

Our design team created custom artwork and animation to draw visitors into the experience working seamlessly with the rest of the Center’s exhibits, feeling like an extension of the space. The installation also has the flexibility to support more initiatives in the future, including branded content from donors and interactive exhibits that can enhance the museum-going experience for visitors.

It has been an incredible success already. Within a few weeks of opening this exhibit, NCCHR’s petition “Hold Hearings on the LGBT Data Inclusion Act” has received over 40,000 signatures.