AICP Reel 2013

Once again, it was our pleasure to create the AICP SE Show Sponsor Reel for this year’s show. We really wanted to represent all the passion, beauty and humor that comes with every production… and make something truly relatable for our peers.

Using a pretty gigantic underwater black, we turned an indoor pool into a soundstage. Trying to represent all the roles and regalia we all know too well on set, we found ourselves rigging hairdryers and steamers with air tubing, finding many uses for underwater paper (available on Amazon) and learning the hard way that NeverWet isn’t really all that great.

Swimmers from the Emory and SCAD swim teams helped us out… as well as our favorite cameo from Gaffer Stan Fyfe. All-in-all it was truly a team effort from the entire BARK BARK team, and from DP Marc Dobiecki… and it could not have been more fun to make.

Creative Development