“Blended” + Bravo

Bonding over the new Warner Bros. release, Blended, this playful spot featured Beverly Hills’ own Kyle Richards. And being in the brand integration space, how could we not get excited with a name like Blended? We’re all about mixing things together!

We managed to secure the family’s screening room to give this piece a real, in-show feel and put them right at home, amping up the power of the movies through their projector and getting viewers excited about the film. Working around tight talent schedules and a limited budget, we gave the movie the Housewife treatment with a cute sit down featuring some very fun, natural moments with the family (and their adorable dog).

Of course nothing is ever simple, but even with half the family still recovering from being sick, you’d never be able to tell! Thanks for being such troopers in the name of entertainment!

Creative Development