Bravo Upfront “Acclaim”

When the awesome folks at Bravo called with the insane challenge of 15 minutes of video and graphic composites for their upfront we were excited.

Excited still, when we found out we had 6 weeks to start, go through the usual Upfront approvals, and deliver. Yikes! But… again, we were excited! And, we were happy to help creatively develop the Ad Sales messaging for the 2007 calendar. The Bravo folks have a brilliant concept that Bravo is the network that puts the creative process on television. It’s super-smart and has really focused their programming and packing which we at bark-bark worship. We were glad that we were able to process and execute this message effectively for the Ad Sales team.

Thanks to tireless producer hands and many, many long hours, I think we delivered an incredibly comprehensive and effective Upfront, that we also encoded for Flash, DVD and web presentations. Here’s a super-quick pick of some of the Bravo 2006 Upfront work… we wanted to keep our friend’s at Bravo’s Ad Sales secrets (and 15 mins of Ad Sales messaging is not as exciting as it might sound). Enjoy.

Creative Development