Crocs + Food Network

For Crocs’ first ever integration on Food Network, we helped three kid-testants find their fun with a Chopped Jr. Open Your Basket challenge!

We dialed up the fun factor for this kid-sized competition short form by shooting at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, filling the space with bright pops of Crocs’ signature brand color, featuring amusing mystery ingredients, and giving the kids an unreleased pair of Crocs to wear while they cooked. Since we were filming at a museum without a functioning kitchen, we had to bring in custom cooking stations outfitted with anything the young chefs might need to make their dishes, including a full pantry of perishable and non-perishable foods. Once the clock started we covered the competition with two cameras, running around to catch all the kids (and Crocs) cooking action.

We helped handpick an impressive group of kids to compete in a challenge typically done by experienced adult chefs. And to taste their food, we found two local restaurateur/chefs to round out our judging panel aside Crocs’ VP of Global Communications, who mentioned working on our custom vignette was one of the best experiences she’s had on an integration.

Creative Development