“Earth to Echo” + Bravo

To match the footage style of the Summer blockbuster Earth to Echo, we invited Real Housewife Heather Dubrow to film her and her twins on her own cell phone – which may have led to a close encounter of the extra-terrestrial variety.

We had the opportunity to shoot at The Port Theater near the beaches of Corona Del Mar in sunny California. Utilizing every square inch of the venue, we placed a custom Earth to Echo graphic on the electronic marquee outside to start the spot. Then we grabbed some popcorn in the lobby and went inside to enjoy the film. As the curtains drew closed, Heather and her kids captured the essence of the movie through their POV review to bring out the style and themes in a fun, unique way.

Matching iPhone footage to our cinema cameras was a fun challenge back in our studio, but in the end it all went off without a glitch. Well, maybe there was one, but we can thank Echo for that.

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