Food + Town House + entwine

Cable Fax Brand Integration Team of the Year & Silver PROMAX

Part of a larger campaign we created for Food Network, these spots feature four brands, each with several key products.  Inspired by the famous Big Chill kitchen dance, we brought Townhouse, entwine wines, Kohl’s FN brand cookware and Food Network together for the Holidays.

We strategized, developed, and shot spots for FN Ad Sales integrating Food Network’s brand, Kellogg’s Town House products, entwine wines and FN’s product line from Kohl’s… and included some practical recipes.

All in, these spots include over 10 products which we were able to combine seamlessly into the creative. Everyone knows that feeling of dancing to great music in the kitchen before a party, and we captured that moment and delivered that connection for all of the brands involved.

Food Network’s ad sales team won the CableFax Brand Integration Team of The Year for this Townhouse/Entwine Campaign and it won the PROMAX BDA Silver Award for Consumer Using Integrated Media.

Creative Development