Hershey’s Rolo + TLC

TLC came to us for a custom vignette featuring unique holiday-themed decorating and entertaining tips around their TLCeason brand.

We highlighted Hershey’s Rolo Caramels with a quick recipe idea to top it all off. Throw in a jingle and some BARK BARK cheer and you’ve got a festive, entertaining integration.

Even with a small budget, we worked in a custom shoot to show off the Rolo treat recipe and several other easy decorating tips for the TLC viewer. These takeaways make for a powerful brand connection and an engaged audience that’s eager to put these new entertaining ideas to use.

Then,TLC and Rolos returned to us for more holiday treats, and with a little ingenuity, we delivered another fun, custom spot by reusing our shoot footage from last year – saving money while still delivering new, fresh content. This TLCeason, we created a festive Podbuster :10/:20 combination highlighting the Rolo Pretzel Delight recipe in-depth for viewers with lively custom graphics and compositing. By inviting viewers to keep watching for the full recipe demo, we boosted audience retention and taught them something in the process!

Creative Development