Nothing beats the heat like a SONIC Slush but with so many options to choose from, we had to face the lineup with ID to stay cool this summer.

This two-part podbuster immersed audiences in the suspenseful world of Investigation Discovery that they love to set a dramatic tone before coming back for a much cheekier exchange in the vein of SONIC’s traditional campaigns. It all came down to strong performances, creative editing, and sound design to pull off the big reveal.

We know our SONIC Slushes, so we made sure to have plenty of camera-ready versions standing by to get through a long, hot shoot day. This expertise helped us accomplish an ambitious schedule, which required a company move between two locations – from the SONIC Drive-in to a custom-built police station at a local studio space (to set up the perfect two-way mirror gag). To really elevate this spot, we shot a unique backplate of the Candy Slush texture in our in-house studio and used it for both the on-air spot and the matching IPM. We like to think it’s pretty sweet next-level thinking.

Creative Development