Lexus + NatGeo

Everyone dreams of being an astronaut, but when that doesn’t pan out, we can assure you, working with them is just as satisfying. Especially when it’s the hat-trick of working with NASA, Lexus, and National Geographic Channel all at the same time on a first-in-our-lifetime special event.

To promote their groundbreaking “Live from Space”, NatGeo hired us for 3 spots, the first of which challenged us to create a compelling call to action for viewers to upload an Instagram with a greeting and question for astronauts to answer LIVE during the broadcast. Working completely from stock and NASA’s archival footage, we had to navigate NASA’s strict guidelines and rigorous needs. We only had 20 seconds to convey not only the international, but the interstellar, possibilities of the program.

Combining the best talents of our editing and design teams, we created a completely custom graphics package composited into the stock footage. The spots were a home run that didn’t just go out of the park, they went – yes, you knew it was coming – out of this world.

Creative Development