P&G + Lifetime

This isn’t our first song and dance, and it certainly won’t be the last. Lifetime came to us with a BIG idea – create and record a new, modern version of the Go Go’s classic “Our Lips Are Sealed” for a musical number in a lavish mansion in line with Gain’s new “music to your nose” campaign and Lifetime’s hit show “Devious Maids.” As if that wasn’t enough, we also worked in another completely custom :30 within their budget for Swiffer featuring a homeowner getting swept away with the chores she’s left for her devious maids.

We teamed up with our favorite choreographer and dance crew of 30+ members over the course of several months to craft a custom, hip routine for an entire staff of servants – maids, chauffeurs, gardeners, cooks, security guards – and even threw in new twist without anyone missing a beat. In order to get some great slow-motion footage of the dance moves while still seeing our Maids singing in time with the lyrics, we had our Maids sing to a sped up version of the song, calculated to our hi-speed frame rate. The result meant gorgeous slow-motion shots with lyrics that synced perfectly to their lips. A little bit of planning goes a long way. To stretch the budget further, we found an LA-style mansion in the suburbs of Orlando, complete with multiple fountains, marble EVERYWHERE, and too many rooms to count.

We couldn’t be happier with the resulting spots, which were heralded to much acclaim. We’re still trying to get that song out of our heads though…

Creative Development