“Sisters” + Bravo

We got PUMPED UP with the cast of Vanderpump Rules to celebrate the new comedy, Sisters.

For our latest movie stunt with Bravo, we created a series of custom vignettes that featured cast members of Vanderpump Rules hosting an impromptu house party in Los Angeles and discussing their favorite parts of Universal’s new movie, Sisters.

Of course every great party needs a little help getting pumped up, so over the course of the night we showed viewers how the Vanderpump servers plan an epic rager. The biggest challenge was actually throwing a party within our tight budget and shoot schedule, but we worked to shoot day for night and recreate Tina and Amy’s ridiculous night of partying with smart set dressing and direction. Luckily, Scheana, Katie, Ariana, and Tom are naturals and our new favorite people to work with.

Creative Development