“TERMINUS” Series Trailer

Series Logline: During humankind’s greatest struggles, cracks tear open in the fabric of reality revealing ancient forces and the deep magic holding together our very existence. Driving us to find “Terminus,” the powers at the heart of the universe awaken in humanity and battle to restore the delicate balance.

Pilot Summary: In the mystical, apocalyptic wasteland of the South as the end of the Civil War draws near, the vastly separate lives of a Confederate soldier with sudden prophetic visions and a slave girl passing as white, defying all odds, run towards one another; pursued by demons, in interweaving stories of race, magical realism, loss and redemption.

As armies, cultures, and families clash over race relations and their own view of what the future of the nation should be, the pilot follows three converging storylines with three drastically different perspectives; a band of desperate deserters and their pursuers, Southern women struggling to survive starvation and occupation, and one racially mixed woman who uses her ability to blend in, to survive a deadly world. TERMINUS takes the audience to the edge of humanity during the most wicked and awakening time in American history – some will find salvation while others find only darkness.

Then there are the chosen few, who in the world of TERMINUS have a “second-sight,” seeing and feeling through dark mystical forces, what has not yet come to pass. They see the glimpses of a larger war being fought on which the future lives of millions will come into the balance. Some embrace the magic, others search to destroy the sorcery.