The 48 Hour Film Project: The International Shootout

Best Film - 48 Hour Fiim Project

National Finalist, Best Director, Best Costumes, Audience Award. Definitely the most Awards per hour we’ve ever won.

If you don’t know much about the 48 Hour Film Festival, here’s the scoop: You draw your genre, then you have only 48 hours to write, script, shoot, edit, mix, color-correct and deliver your short film. Of course, we drew MUSICAL… which made the challenge pretty intense, having not only to write an entire script, but write music and lyrics too!

Undaunted, our team went to work right away, wearing many, many hats… and didn’t go to bed for much of the 48 hours. Fortunately, we had our favorite crew and talent around us… and we had lots of laughter to keep us fueled. Even BARK BARK’s own Brian Tolleson had dual roles, directing the entire film, and playing a director ON film… right around 3am.

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