Travel Channel “Why Go” Campaign

We’re empowering Travel Channel viewers with an on-going campaign to inspire their next adventure and answer the question, Why Go?

We worked closely with Travel Channel to develop a fun, turnkey asset packaged inside a Travel-branded template that’s customizable for any advertiser. The result – interesting, sponsor-related reasons to visit popular travel destinations based on Travel’s expertise and a modern sensibility. There’s no better partner than Scripps to provide valuable facts and tips to an audience that’s most likely to put them to use – so we developed a creative approach that makes sure we’re telling it like it is.

Using tongue-in-cheek voiceover and custom graphics, these spots have the flexibility to become :30 or :10 versions with as few or as many facts the sponsor wants to pack in (and we can fit!). We designed this campaign as a low-cost/high-value addition for content-hungry sponsors looking to capitalize on the Travel brand and audience, over-delivering on the oft-forgotten billboard ad space. Although, note to self… make sure we require traveling to these destinations as part of the “necessary research” next time!

Creative Development