BARK BARK is made of people. Real experienced staff people who know what they are doing.
We’re not some loose network of freelancers. And, since we’re sticking around, feel free to get to know us…

Brian Tolleson
Founder, CEO
BT hopes to look younger than his 20+years of experience. An idealist born with both creative & logistical lobes, bouncing between the offices, you are likely to meet him if you fly Delta.

Karen Grant
SVP, Client Partnerships

Karen feeds off of the energy of interacting with people, but not in an evil syfy character kind of way.

Daniel Sattelmeyer
Head of Creative, Managing Partner

Daniel sees the big picture for the tiniest pixel to guide the creative process from concept to delivery on every platform.

Aaron Smith
COO, Partner

Aaron competes in powerlifting, which is helpful when it comes to moving mounds of paperwork around the office. He never shies away from a challenge, and he apologizes in advance for stalking you for contracts or payments.

Tabitha Mason-Elliott
Head of Production, Partner

As a firm believer in collective creativity, Tabitha joined BARK BARK to work with amazing people who shared that passion. She’s a logistical mastermind executing productions both large and small.

Ann Daykin
Head of Accounts + Operations, Partner

Ann believes in proactive communication, creative solutions, and that there’s no problem a cup of coffee can’t fix.

David Brand
Senior Executive Producer

David believes people come first, feelings do matter and that honesty is, and always will be, the best policy. Wait, what?

Lora Kaminsky
Executive Producer, West Coast

Lora believes that any problem can be solved with a few deep breaths and a very detailed spreadsheet.

Jason Sheedy
Executive Producer
From one frame to the next, Jason nurtures each clip we capture and never forgets to tuck them in each night without a good story.

Carolina Rendon
Accounting Director

Vive, ama, cree! Carolina Rendon is the beauty and the brains of BARK BARK! She speaks three languages- English, Spanish, and Taxeese!

Joe Coleman
Art Director, Pixel Overlord

“Art Director” can have so many meanings, and for Joe it does. Pixel Overlord seemed like a better description, so he tacked that on. It’s really all about bending pixels to his will, in a nice way.


Dustin Frissell
Senior Writer/Producer

His high school aptitude test didn’t include Writer/Producer as a career path. Luckily, Dustin ignored its advice or else he’d be working in agriculture.



Desiree Taylor
Associate Production Supervisor

Desiree is our Associate Production Supervisor and firmly believes that a stack of paperwork is a “Masterpiece.” She loves the process of production from beginning to end!

Matthew I. Jenkins
Director of Animation

Matt started drawing at age 2 and never stopped. Making cartoons for a living was an obvious career path. He’s happy. And tall and lanky. A direct descendant of Johnny Appleseed.


Markus Oskarsson

Jack of all trades, master of none. Like a swiss army knife Markus does it all. He’s a video editor, producer, camera operator, drone operator, beer connoisseur and Cinefile. Although he has a hard time categorizing himself, Markus is truly a great production tool.

Shakellia Lott
Office Manager

Meet Shakellia, Kela for short! She runs things… like the entire office.

Keachia Greenidge
Senior Producer, Design & Animation

Keachia is a Motion Graphics Designer at Bark Bark, where she spends her days lovingly setting awesome designs into motion, and making TV magic with the rest of the graphics team.

Jeremiah Prescott
Audio Producer

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? After I put like 5 whooshes, a really bassy explosion and the Wilhelm Scream under it…you bet your a#& it does!

Allyson Reeves-Land
Director of Development

Allyson likes to believe that reality television is just a series of
mini documentaries. That’s her story and she’s stickin’ to it.

Brendan Davis
Producer, Design & Animation

Brendan is an espresso fanatic. Certified creator in all things graphic, motion, and digital.


Nicole Schouten
Account Coordinator

Nicole believes that four things make the world go round: efficient workflow, an organized office, planning ahead, and drinking a lot of water. Filtered water. Filtered through coffee grinds. Ok coffee. She believes in coffee.