“Halloween” + AMC’s TWD

Television | Streaming

We brought Michael Myers into the world of The Walking Dead to the delight of horror fans everywhere.

AMC’s TWD + Quicken Loans

Television | Streaming

We partnered with AMC to give fans of The Walking Dead a special look behind the series.

Mountain Dew + AMC’s TWD

Television | Streaming | Facebook | Instagram

We partnered with AMC’s The Walking Dead to activate millions of viewers with the first-ever AR-enabled TV spot.

Slim Jim + AMC’s TWD

Streaming | Facebook

When it comes to stocking your bunker for the zombie apocalypse, you can never have enough Slim Jims.

Microsoft + The Walking Dead

Television | Streaming

We partnered with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to create a season-long campaign positioning the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as a versatile tool for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Dr Pepper + AMC

Television | Streaming

AMC came back to us for a one of a kind Dr Pepper integration with The Walking Dead, and we said “let’s do it!”.

BING + The Walking Dead

Television | Streaming

We partnered with two amazing brands to create a rich campaign for The Walking Dead season launch, airing both on-air and online.