“First Man” + FX

Television | Streaming

We helped viewers take another small step into the shoes of Neil Armstrong with an FX Focus on Universal’s “First Man.”

“The Predator” + FX

Television | Streaming

We went behind the scenes with the cast of The Predator to give FX viewers a special look at the new film.

“Uncle Drew” + FX

Television | Streaming

We created theatrical marketing content for Uncle Drew to activate FX viewers during Straight Outta Compton.

“Justice League” + FX

Television | Streaming

We combined forces with FX and Warner Bros. to create a star-powered movie takeover for Justice League.

“Fantastic Four” + FX

We had a blast with FXX cutting up Fantastic Four, driving viewers to the world broadcast premiere of the film.

Sprite + FX


For FX’s critically-acclaimed Atlanta, we scoured the city to hear from real voices about what makes this place so unique.

“It” + FX

Television | Streaming

Pennywise haunted our dreams as we brought him into the worlds of FX’s American Horror Story and The Simpsons to drive viewers to see WB’s horror remake, IT.