Investigation Discovery

ID 2017 Upfront

We worked with ID to produce their entire 2017 Upfront, including 7 unique tapes and speaker support.


Television | Streaming

We celebrated another summer of 1/2 price drinks at SONIC with a blooper reel of outtakes in the world of ID.

Boost Mobile + ID

We created branded content that gave viewers more insight into the show from the master of mystery himself.

“Jumanji” + Discovery

Television | Streaming | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | VOD

We ventured deep into the world of Jumanji for a star-powered integration across the Discovery networks.


Television | Streaming

We went on an ID-worthy SHAKEout at Sonic to catch some killer desserts.


Television | Streaming | Facebook

We assisted an ID detective to bring in one of his Most Wanted… SONIC’s Creamery Shakes.

Little Caesars + ID

Television | Streaming

We put Mom in the hot seat to get an ID-worthy confession for Little Caesars.

Claritin + ID

Television | Streaming

Our sketch artist helped a key witness clear things up in this original animated spot for ID.

ID’s “IDetective” Toolkit

Television | Streaming

We created a huge library of mini-stories following a devoted fan of Investigation Discovery as she solves sponsor-related cases around her house.


Nothing beats the heat like a SONIC Slush but with so many options to choose from, we had to face the lineup with ID to stay cool this summer.

TMNT + Discovery Networks

We brought the unique teams of experts and talent on Discovery Networks together with a breed they’ve never seen before… the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

ID + Sonic

To celebrate Sonic’s Summer of Slush on Investigation Discovery, we featured a Southern etiquette expert teaching the proper technique to sip their delicious treats! You could say we know our manners.

ID “Beauty Queen Murders” Promo

There’s nothing quite like getting a call for a project called “Beauty Queen Murders”. You say, “Yes!” Then, you cast a beauty queen and you kill her. Done.