“The Grinch” + Viacom

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We helped The Grinch take over MTV and VH1 with a special branded content holiday gift set.

“Halloween” + AMC’s TWD

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We brought Michael Myers into the world of The Walking Dead to the delight of horror fans everywhere.

“First Man” + FX

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We helped viewers take another small step into the shoes of Neil Armstrong with an FX Focus on Universal’s “First Man.”

“Night School” + Viacom

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Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish get a home economics lesson from the one and only, Martha Stewart.

“A Dog’s Purpose” + TLC

We celebrated the joy of adding new puppies to the family with TLC’s Kate Plus 8 and Universal’s film “A Dog’s Purpose.”

“Almost Christmas” + VH1

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We threw an exclusive listening party with VH1 to celebrate the new movie “Almost Christmas.”

Travel Channel “Why Go” Campaign

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We’re empowering Travel Channel viewers with an on-going campaign to inspire their next adventure and answer the question, Why Go?

“Sisters” + Bravo

We got PUMPED UP with the cast of Vanderpump Rules to celebrate the new comedy, Sisters.

The Tale of Despereaux + TLC

This custom movie integration combined some nifty roto work with a special Jon & Kate + 8 shoot featuring Kate reading the children’s story to her young multiples.