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Inspiring others around a great cause is a part of our DNA. Working with real superhero children made this integration especially rewarding.

Subaru + USA

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We don’t normally condone trash-talking around the office, but in Subaru’s case, we’ll allow an exception.


USA’s Character With A Cause keeps attracting big name advertisers, and we are truly grateful to still be partnering to create this campaign supporting so many great causes.

SC Johnson + USA

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Shooting in beautiful northern California, we highlighted the efforts of Windustry.

Nationwide + USA

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As part our ongoing work with the incredibly successful Character With A Cause franchise for USA, Nationwide came back again, renewing their integration deal for the second year.

American Cancer Society + USA

USA’s Character With A Cause franchise is one we continue to be proud of, especially getting to work with amazing Characters doing amazing things in the world.


Building upon USA’s Character Story campaign, we found a few more real people with a passion for DIY projects and a great story to tell.

Hershey + USA Network

Hershey’s joined our long-running Character with a Cause franchise to showcase the company’s huge pro-social initiatives that are so important to their core beliefs.

Lowe’s + USA

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We developed two custom “Character Fantasy” spots for USA featuring indoor and outdoor makeovers just in time for Spring.

Bayer + USA

BARK BARK created these spots as part of USA’s Character With A Cause franchise.

American Cancer Society + USA

We celebrate birthdays BIG at BARK BARK, so it only made sense to partner with American Cancer Society – the biggest advocate of birthdays out there.


The Character With A Cause franchise, which we pioneered for USA, has been an incredible success.


The marriage of poultry and Law and Order was an interesting match, but I think we pulled it off with style.

Pond’s + USA’s Starter Wife

Our friends at USA Network asked us to create a sales tape touting the success of one of the largest, most comprehensive and most integrated product/property campaigns in history.